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I know very well the upsides and downsides of classical ballet. Being a dancer from a young age it gave a great shape, posture and grace. On the downside by the time I was 18 I was told I would be in a wheelchair in ten years through the impact and locking back of knees that ballet involves.

So this gave me the idea to take the principles of ballet to strengthen my body without the movements that adversely muscles and joints. The results transformed me remarkably prompting me to teach others the technique.

The key to my technique, Curvenetics, are small non-impact movements that work the muscles very precisely to help you flatten the stomach, pull you in at the hip and bottom and tone you up all over. People that do it get maximum comfort and effectiveness with results being seen after just two or three sessions and very noticeable improvements after ten just by doing one session per week.

Tracy Rose Home PageOver the 37 years that I’ve been teaching, thousands of people have seen the benefits. Curvenetics exercises avoid the worrying risk of impact injuries that you get on the back, knee or joints with aerobics. There is no strain or pain with Curvenetics because all you are doing is gentle quarter to half inch movements, at your own pace to your own ability.

The gentle approach to Curvenetics means that you will not be huffing and puffing and with the soft tones of deeply relaxing music specially composed for Curvenetics you’ll find yourself totally unwinding and forgetting about your daily stresses.

During the classes, which last an hour, you are guided through the exercises to get the full advantage out of each position. There are plenty of variations on the exercises as we are all different so that everyone gets the full advantage out of each position.

A course of ten sessions costs just £100. Our Curvenetics Centre is in Oxford Circus. Personal training is also available.

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Last updated 12st February, 2019