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Curvenetics is for people of all shapes and sizes. In our classes you’ll see people doing the exercises in different ways according to their body type and special requirements. Everybody works at their own pace.

TRACY ROSETracy Rose Curvenetics

Tracy Rose has been an exercise teacher for thirty-five years. In 1980, she created a series of exercises to promote natural curves calling it Curvenetics. The idea was to use non-impact precision movements to flatten the stomach, pull the hip and bottom in with a top to toe tone up.

The actual origination of Curvenetics for Tracy was a personal one. She created it to combat a ballet-induced arthritis she had contracted at the age of eighteen. Told that in ten years she was likely to be wheelchair bound, she turned around classical ballet technique, inventing a new exercise system that avoided “locked leg and arched back syndrome” and “joint pounding”. Apart from producing improved well-being the exercises also generated a great body shape. Thirty-five years on, aged 54, she is as fit as ever without experiencing any arthritic pain whatsoever.

Tracy Rose teaches Curvenetics in London where she gives classes and personal training. Amongst her clientele is TV weather presenter Sian Lloyd who swears by the technique and TV presenter Katrina Buchanan from The Living Channel.

For those who cannot get to the classes Tracy and her husband, Russell, have a full instructional video version of the technique. Tracy has taught Curvenetics at top clubs in New York and Los Angeles with great results amongst dancers, health club members and teachers.

Tracy Rose has a stunning figure and is living proof the technique works. She has never had cosmetic surgery and her photographs are not airbrushed.


Russell handles the nutritional side of Curvenetics. He’s been a freelance journalist for over six years writing over 200 features on health, beauty and fashion for Now magazine, Daily Mail, Daily Express, BBC Good Food and Natural Health and Well Being. He has also written five books.

By way of academic qualifications he has an honours degree in pharmacology and laboured at the the gritty rockface of postgraduate research in cardiovascular disease and food absorption.

Russell Rose has a wide knowledge of nutrition and provides nutritional advice and diets to Curvenetics followers.



TV weather presenter Sian Lloyd is brightening up the forecast charts with a fabulous new slim figure.

Inches off the waist and hips, super shapely legs and a completely flat stomach.

Sian, a keen swimmer, injured her shoulder during a swimming session and had been having steroid injections to fight off the pain. Fearful of further damage, Sian avoided keep-fit classes until she heard of our specialised exercise regime, Curvenetics, that completely excluded body jolting and jarring.

Working out with Tracy Rose between weather forecasts at the London Television Centre, Sian lost three inches around the waist, dropped two inches off the hips and flattened her stomach in the space of five weeks exercising two hours a week.

“After the first class I felt the hip and bottom area especially” said Sian “But I knew things were really working well after three sessions when friends remarked how toned up I looked. I’ve never been happy with my legs but after 10 sessions I found my thighs and legs were more shapely and my arms more toned.

Sian’s picture is used with permission of the Western Mail & Echo.


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“When I first read about Curvenetics I was thrilled because I hadn’t been exercising for a while and the briefing on the site was wonderful. I felt  happy when I met Tracy, I think she is so gentle and her classes really relax me, because most of the times I come to the class with a lot of aches, but after the lesson I feel like a huge amount of tension is taken off my shoulder and back. I wish I could take up her lesson everyday…maybe one day. I really look forward to the class .The stretches are very simple but it works as we have to do small movements which I feel helps also the pain in my arms and shoulder. The lesson totally refreshes your mind and body .”


Singer and TV presenter for the Living Channel

I noticed an improvement in my posture within a couple of weeks. Everything started to get a bit firmer over the first 10 week course! I’m much more flexible and supple now…And it’s the only exercise I’ve done that I’ve found relaxing as well.


Hi.. I am a Practice Administrator in a Barristers’ Chambers. This is a very busy job which requires a lot of mental agility. I am based in Fleet Street and every Tuesday evening I make sure I rush out of the office at 5.30 p.m. in order to go to the Oxford Circus Curvenetics class. The hour of physical exercise calms me down and the stretching gets rid of any muscle tension.

I am a great fan of Curvenetics. I have been doing the exercises for about 11 years now. You can see me on the video – the pink leggings doing the pelvic adjustment at the beginning and the face exercise which looks like a fish – although that bit is not very flattering. The routine really makes a difference to my figure – I notice that I start to go flabby even if I go on holiday for three or four weeks and am too lazy to do the exercises by myself. I much prefer Curvenetics to aerobics because you can definitely feel the movements firming up your muscles, there is not that really painful stiffness and aching that you can get from aerobics. Also you are not hot and sweaty when you finish the routine.

Tracy also teaches a range of face exercises which at my age of over 50 are very important and really do help to keep the lines at bay. I do these almost every night before I go to bed and I have noticed a slight change in the shape of my face as well. Russell is very willing to give nutritional advice and to discuss any specific problems you might have.

To get all this help and advice for just £10.00 a class is amazing in today’s climate and I would recommend Curvenetics to anyone who is unhappy with their shape, especially if you don’t like the gym. Curvenetics is much more fun and it definitely gives results.

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