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What will Curvenetics do for me … ?

Curvenetics flattens the stomach, pulls the hip and bottom in and tones the body from top to toe. Curvenetics begins with a good set of warm ups and great exercises to improve your posture.

There are wonderful exercises for pulling in the waist and toning up the thighs. And that also includes the inner thigh muscles, an area that most women find a difficult area to work on in some other programmes.

Curvenetics naturally covers the legs – toning them up and making them very shapely. I’ll be showing exercises on the arms and neck too – just the ticket for toning those potentially saggy areas. And I’ve even included an exercise for hands to keep those fingers nice and nimble.

How does it work … ?

Curvenetics uses small non-impact movements that work the muscles very precisely to pull you into shape. You get into comfortable positions so that you can repeat these effective movements derived from ballet and get the most out of them. The actual movements are only a quarter to a half an inch and because they produce no impact they don’t cause any jolting or jarring on the back, knees and joints.


How often do I need to do Curvenetics … ?

You can get good results by doing the exercises just one hour per week. If you are looking for quicker results there is no reason why you cannot do it several times a week or even every day. The important thing is to exercise on a regular basis.

Over the years I have found that most people like to do it once a week because of their busy lifestyles. Let’s face it – all those people that say they cannot exercise because they haven’t the time is nonsense. Everybody can find at least one hour in a week – so no excuses!


How quick do I start seeing results … ?

Usually after two or three sessions.

The first time you do Curvenetics you are very much learning how to get into the positions. Some people say they have felt the benefits after one session but by and large it is the second or third session that people start seeing benefits. By the ninth or tenth session they are seeing significant improvements. After ten sessions, for example, women frequently report a drop in one or two dress sizes. They lose inches around the waist, hips, thighs and stomach areas. Legs become sleek more shapely.


Is Curvenetics a relaxing sort of exercise … ?

Yes, most definitely! Curvenetics is not about jumping up and down or jogging to loud thumping music. It’s about gentle relaxing movements that have a calming, refreshing effect that leaves you feeling full of energy. Our music is specially composed for a serene atmophere.


Does Curvenetics counter stress … ?

Yes. It’s a great way to unwind especially after a hard days work.

A lot of people who do Curvenetics do it with their eyes closed as it is so relaxing.


Who can do Curvenetics ?

Over the years Curvenetics has been taught to men and women all shapes and sizes, from complete beginners that have been totally unfit to dancers and athletes. Curvenetics is an exercise that everyone can get benefit from.


…And the age group ?

From sixteen to eighty. The oldest woman that I’ve taught is an eighty-three year old women. She came along to classes in full leotard and ballet shoes and found it marvellous!


Do I need to see a doctor before I do these exercises ?

Curvenetics is designed for people in good health and if this is the case the answer is no. Should you have a medical condition, as with any exercise programme, do check with your doctor before commencing. Whilst the programme includes advice for people with special needs such as back or joint problems, Curvenetics is not intended as a substitute for advice given by your doctor.


How does Curvenetics work with people with different body types ?

With Curvenetics there is a basic programme and what I call variations for people with special needs. Now for the vast majority of people the basic programme will suffice. However, suppose you have a stiff back or knee injury or your doctor has suggested that you do these type of exercises then going for a variations will make exercising even more comfortable and give you added protection for that area of the body.

With Curvenetics, I’ve included variations for the back, knee, shoulder and hips for exercisers with special requirements. They produce just as good results as the basic programme.


There is just one bit of me that I would like exercise – is that OK ?

Not really. Altough you may be just looking to do the stomach or the thighs this is is not a very good approach. To get the maximum benefit you need to work out the whole body. It’s also very important that you do the warm-ups and cool down exercises as well.

How long after I have eaten can I exercise?

Two hours

Can I do this exercise at the same as doing sport or other exercise regimes ?

Yes definitely. There is no reason why you cannot carry on your other sporting pursuits, in fact Curvenetics is a useful addition in sports training. For example, skiers become more agile; athletes more flexible.


So what other well-being benefits are there for Curvenetics?

We’ve been getting lots of email and letters asking about this one. The benefits come down very much to a mind, body and soul thing and here’s a brief summary of the positive feedback from Curvenetics fans who have got on fabulously with it…


Better posture, better body alignment, deportment; improved mobility for arthritics; improved osteoporosis; improved breathing in asthmatics.

We find that people that have been very concerned about doing any form of exercise because of their backs, knees or joints have fared very well with Curvenetics because of the true non-impact nature of the exercises. On record, we have had clients with back problems such as scoliosis, sciatica, backache, slipped disks and even a woman with a broken back from falling down the stairs.

One Curvenetics follower with a metal plate in her leg wrote to us saying: “Due to a road accident, my left leg, especially the knee area is stiff and much weaker. Curvenetics helped me to exercise all my body, whilst in other types of classes for instance step aerobics, I would not be able to. It is comforting to know that I am doing something to keep myself in shape even though injuries to my leg have left me with limitations as to the choice of exercise that I can do.”

Curvenetics has been helpful to clients with knee problems some of which have been sufferers of arthritis, kneecap problems and bursitis.

Clients with hip problems such as arthritic hip have also benefited as well those with whiplash and neck problems. We’ve also had some good reports from curvenetic exercisers who had Frozen Shoulder complaints.

We’ve also had some clients who are big users of computers that have had repetitive strain injury on the hands and arms through excessive use of the keyboard and they have had improvements.

On Multiple Sclerosis, one Curvenetics follower wrote: “I had a kind that just flares up but is not constant. Curvenetics is the only exercise that hasn’t brought on an attack and doesn’t make her body overheat. My figure has changed shape – for the first time I wore a swimsuit in my garden at the weekend. I want to do Curvenetics forever and can’t wait for my boyfriend to see me who has been away.”

Other conditions where clients have had mobility improvements include: ME, Polio, certain cancer sufferers and very obese people.


Because Curvenetics is so relaxing we constantly get good reports from followers saying that they get a better night’s sleep and find it easier to get to sleep. Also Curvenetics regulars find it’s a great stress buster.


Followers say Curvenetics makes them feel more confident, more positive about themselves, reduces anxiety, makes them less depressed when things get tough, reduces panic attacks, helps energise when they are burnout.


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